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Have A Bluebird Day

Bluebird Tea Co. is a fairly young, happiness spreading, independent, award winning, unique, caring little Tea Mixology Company on mission to make people happy with tea!

  • We are the UK’s expert Tea Mixologists specialising in the most creative and flavourful tea blends.
  • We are spreading happiness, one cup at a time.
  • You must watch our fairly awfully homemade video…

Please forgive us. We make tea. Not videos!

About Us


Bluebird Tea Co. was set up, and is run, by young couple Krisi and Mike, who met whilst studying Politics (of all things!) at university.

They are proud to be a caring, independent business and to be holding their own in a super-brand obsessed world. They have so far built the company from scratch with little outside help, from packaging design to packing tea, everything ‘Bluebird’ is developed by Krisi and Mike’s own hands.

‘Our innovative approach to tea centres on our core ethos of spreading happiness, one cup at a time. We love to mix up unique and exciting flavours that have never been seen before to make people smile!’

With this passion and independence engrained in their ethos they have succeeded in making Bluebird the UK's first and only tea company specialising in Tea Mixology by creating exciting flavours of loose leaf tea that have already scooped a bucket of awards.

Read more about the people behind Bluebird on the Meet the team page.


After years working in the tea industry (Krisi) and some time spent bumming around as a ski instructor (Mike), both in the UK and abroad, they both became incredibly passionate about how innovative, fun and versatile tea could be.

With a tea revolution already spreading across North America, (where even motorway service stations served proper loose leaf tea and people were more likely to order a tea latte to a coffee latte) Krisi and Mike asked themselves why their own tea obsessed nation wasn’t embracing tea in the same way.

They knew there was a gap in the market for a top quality, young, fresh tea company that could create fabulous flavours of loose leaf teas that were fun, tasty and affordable for everyone to enjoy. So they hung up their ski’s and moved home to start Bluebird in 2012.

Bluebird Ethos

We often get asked why we’re called ‘Bluebird’… is it after the biscuit? Or the high speed car? Or even a football team?

The motto for the company is ‘spreading happiness, one cupful at a time.’ and we wanted to choose a company name that reminded us of this every single day.

It comes from the term ‘Bluebird Day’ which is a day with perfect blue skies. It encompasses a feeling of happiness that only comes when embracing each day fully.

A day when nothing can be improved and anything is possible.

Mike and Krisi have always loved working with people and thrive whilst providing exceptional customer service. This is part of why they passionately believe happiness-spreading to be as important in business as profit-making.

Our Tea

We are the UK’s expert Tea Mixologists and the only tea company that specialises in developing unique, exciting and creative flavours of tea.

We are steadily growing the largest range of (currently over 50) creative tea flavours using a wide range of blending ingredients including herbs, flowers, fruits, caramels, chocolate.. even cake sprinkles!

We also use our blends to mix up all sorts of tea based drinks from iced teas to tea cocktails. We use only our tea plus fresh healthy ingredients like fruits and milk. Check out what you can mix up with your tea on our tea recipe page!

We serve our fresh iced teas, real chai, iced matchas and tea cocktails at various events and festivals throughout the year. Find out where to catch us on our events page.

Zero Waste Policy

We are a very environmentally conscious team, both in our business and personal lives.

We realise that as a small company we are limited in our impact but as we grow we are committed to make as bigger change as possible to our environment both local and internationally.

For now we do everything we can.

We recycle all of the packaging that comes in, if we can reuse it instead we will. That is why your postal boxes of tea sometimes look a little scuffed!

We provide bicycles for our team to use when making local deliveries or travelling to and from work and we never leave lights on overnight, even on our displays.

We use recyclable packaging and our teabags are completely biodegradable.