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Please note that delivery may be a day or two longer than usual over the busy Christmas period. Our small team are working hard to keep up with demand and we really appriciate your understanding! 

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If you require urgent next day delivery, please email us and we can arrange this for you.

We ship internationally too, check out our delivery page for full prices and details.

We sure do! Check out our delivery page for full prices and details.

We try to ensure as many of our boxes as possible fit through the letter box for your convenience.

For larger orders or bulky items we usually use Royal Mail so if you miss the delivery it is easy to rearrange delivery for a better time or collect from your nearest post office / depot.

We occasionally use alternative couriers that leave a card and can arrange this at your request.

Yes, our checkout allows separate billing and shipping address.

If you would like a special message adding to your gift please leave this in the order comments box at the checkout page and we can wish them a happy birthday/anniversary/holiday for you!

Yes, our Experience Packs give you the option to add a gift box and other extras like our Perfect Tea Spoons or In-Cup Infuser Baskets.

If you do have any special requests or gift ideas please don't hesitate to get in touch and we can help you make your occasion extra special! Send us an email: or fill in our contact form.

If you would like a special message adding to your order please leave this in the order comments box at checkout and we can wish them a happy birthday/anniversary/holiday for you!

Yes you can purchase gift certificates for our online store.

There is also a £5 gift certificate included in our Tea Virgin Starter Kit which is the perfect gift for any novice tea drinker!

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No, sorry, we do not offer this facility.
You can use your Paypal account though if you wish.
We also don't accept swapsies or monopoly money. Sorry! Although we may consider an arrangement with any chocolate makers out there!
Nope absolutely not!
We just use Paypal as a secure payment provider.
You can checkout as normal with your credit/debit card as a guest of our site and Paypal too. There is no need to set up any accounts if you don't wish to.
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However, just in case something is not up to scratch, here is our returns policy:
We take every care to ensure that your order is packed snuggly and safely for its journey to you but we cannot guarantee that it will arrive in perfect condition.
Bluebird Tea Co. does not take responsibility for your order being lost, damaged, or stolen during delivery.
If an item arrives damaged, let us know as soon as you can by emailing us at and if we can resolve the issue we will.
If you are unhappy with your order for any reason then we would love your feedback to improve next time. We are a young independent business and really value constructive customer feedback!
Please email us at
If you wish to return the item in its original condition within seven days of receiving your order then we will refund you no problem. Please note that shipping costs are not refundable. After seven days we can offer store credit to the value of the order.

Questions about Bluebird Tea Co.

Bluebird Tea Co. is a fairly young, independent, award winning, caring and exciting Tea Mixology company mixing up the most creative and flavourful tea blends for you to enjoy!
We’re also on mission to make people happy with tea!
It was set up and is run by Teabirds Krisi and Mike who met at Durham University, studying Politics of all things!
Meet the team or read more about our story.
Why not browse our Facebook, twitter @Bluebirdteaco, Pinterest or Instagram accounts too?
We love to hear from you and really value your feedback so we have lots of ways you can reach us, take your pick:
Fill in our contact form and we will get back to you ASAP.
Send us an email at
Tweet us @bluebirdteaco
Send us a message and like us on Facebook.
We do have a Teabird Help Line (01323 894 251) which you can call and chat to us, however we are often out and about or busy packing tea so please leave a message.
Or if it is urgent we do respond to emails very fast so hit us at

Questions about tea

Our main focus is our online store and we also taking steps to open a high street location.
We get asked all the time to mainstream wholesale our teas, but we have resisted so far because our passion lies in selling direct to tea lovers all over the world. We love meeting people, giving them the Bluebird experience and finding them their perfect tea.
Therefore, you can buy from us directly either through the website, our high street shop or at one of the many events we attend throughout the year.
We are regularly at the Lewes farmers market and Shoreham farmers market, as well as taking regular guest spots at Brixton Station Rd market. We also attend big food and music festivals throughout the summer.
Check out our events page for more information.
Our teas are also available from a small selection of hand-picked, high quality, passionate independents that really get what we are trying to do:

Aubrey Allen, Leamington Spa.

Jack’s of Melbourne,

Derbyshire Beckets Farm Shop,

AlcesterOrangemabel, Longbarn Village,

Warwickshire. Mezeme, Leamington Spa.

The Tasty Pasty Company, Cologne, Germany.

Dowse Design Brighton and Hove.

The Village, Moseley, Birmingham.

Yes! Check out our ‘UniversiTEA’ page where our wise old owl posts regular seminars all about tea!
We also run Tea Mixology workshops where our expert Tea Mixologists will teach you about the different types of tea, how they are made, best enjoyed and about the benefits of different tea blending herbs and ingredients.
You will be able to take home your own tea blend, designed, named and packed by your very hands.
The best bit? Unlimited tea cocktails throughout!
All of our tea has brewing instructions on the label and on each tea product page on the website. We also have them listed on our brewing instructions page
Tea is a personal preference and we encourage you develop own tastes. The trying and testing to find your own tastes is all part of the fun so grab a bag and get experimenting.
A few basic guidelines that we advise you stick to would be:
- Use 80 degree water with green and white tea, if you use boiling water you will burn the leaves and that is what creates the bitter taste! Learn more about green tea brewing here.
- Don’t leave your green tea for any longer than 3 minutes for the same reason.
- If you like your black tea without milk you probably don't want to leave it longer than 3 minutes either or that also can get a bit bitter.
- Rooibos, black and pu’erh teas go well with or without milk. All the other tea types are best without milk.
Our resealable refill pouches will keep your tea at its best for 4-6months from the teas packed on date as long as you make sure they are resealed properly.
Our gift packets, including all of the teabag packaging is sealed for freshness but once this seal is broken, the tea will need to be placed in an airtight, dark container.
Bluebird takes it's zero wastage policy very seriously and therefore thinks long and hard before taking actions that will impact our environment or each other.
Best before dates are an important tool in ensuring food freshness but they do in fact cause a lot of waste. This is why we have chosen to print our packed on date on our packaging rather than a best before.
If you keep your tea in a sealed container and a cool, dark place it will be good for up to 1 year from the packed on date. It goes without saying that the sooner you drink it the tastier and fresher it will be.
Our teas will not ‘go off’ or be dangerous to drink, but they will lose some of their flavours if you don’t keep them in an airtight dark container.
We have a seminar about the use of flavourings in tea on our UniversiTEA pages if you would like to read more about this.
Bluebird Tea Co. uses natural ingredients such as tea leaves, herbs, flowers and dried fruits to create the delicious flavours you love.
We also use funky things like chocolate drops, candy hearts and sprinkles for visual purposes in some of our teas. Some of the ingredients of things like candy hearts are not 'natural' in the sense that they are not grown on or under a tree! However these are for decoration purposes and are not infused into the water.
In some of our teas we use flavouring which are from natural sources (never synthetic). This can be things such as extracts or essential oils, which can be as straight forward as using essence of orange to enhance an orange taste or more complicated like using different flavours to simulate another taste entirely. Some fruit extracts, can be combined to make other fruit flavours.
It's all very clever!
We appreciate that there is an opinion in the industry that flavourings shouldn’t be used in teas, which we disagree with for many reasons listed in our flavourings in tea article. However, as we focus on blending perfect teas for all sorts of people, lifestyles and situations, many of our teas have no flavourings in them at all, not even natural ones or fruit essences.
We recommend these teas in the article and all ingredients are clearly listed on all tea product pages and packaging for your information.
Any questions please get in touch:
Bluebird clearly displays ingredients on its tea packaging and on each tea product page on the website. If you have allergies please check this yourself to ensure you are happy with the ingredients before purchasing.
Bluebird cannot guarantee that our teas haven’t come into contact with any allergens while packing and some of our blends do contain nuts in particular.
A very small selection of Bluebird's teas also contain dairy/lactose and gluten, please refer to the ingredients for this information.
Most of Bluebird's teas are perfect for Vegans and you can find a list of all our vegan teas in the vegan tea category.
There are a few of our blends with chocolate drops, yoghurt pieces or candy sprinkles which will not be vegan friendly. Please refer to the ingredients to double check this.
The health benefits of tea are widely recognised and have been for thousands of years. Recently, much scientific research has been published proving what the Chinese have been telling us for years about the healthy stuff in tea.
Please remember Bluebird Tea Co. is not a medical authority and do not produce or market health products in any way.
What we do believe in is a natural, healthy lifestyle and we produce teas that fit with that lifestyle. Our teas are not high in sugar, calories or any artificial ingredients and many of the teas and other ingredients are recognised to have benefits such as boosting your metabolism or your energy levels.
The calorie content of all of our teas is lower than needs to be declared on a food label, even the blends with whole fruit pieces and candy hearts. None of our blends have any more than 1g sugar and many have only a trace.
Please read more the health benefits of loose leaf tea on our UniversiTEA pages.
Chagra is used tea leaves and we have written an article about what to do with your used tea leave as part of our UniversiTEA
Bluebird Tea Co. has a zero wastage policy so we recycle everything we use including our tea leaves!
We do a lot of menu development with our teas, mainly to get our fresh drinks up to top standards, and we drink our fair share of tea at The Nest also.
We save and strain all of our loose leaf tea after its brewed and either put it on the compost heap or use it to make our chagra bath sacks.
Don't turn your nose up! The leaves are perfectly clean and they go into our sealed bath sacs for you to use as you wish.
There are hundreds of uses for chagra because tea is a brilliant odour absorber, skin exfoliant, antibacterial, soothing and refreshing for tired skin or eyes and believe it or not excellent mouth wash!
Matcha is a traditional Japanese powdered green tea. It has been used for nearly 1,000 years in the traditional tea ceremonies in Japan and is becoming more popular in the UK due to its superfood powers.
Bluebird Tea Co. is proud to be the very first and only UK company to develop a flavoured matcha range with four delicious flavours of matcha.
The matcha powder comes from whole green tea leaves that are ground down and because you are consuming the whole leaf it is packed full of antioxidants, minerals and nutrients.
In fact it has up to 10 x the benefits of regular green tea, 7 x the vitamin C as orange juice and 3 x the energy boost as an espresso shot!
We have blended some of our favourite flavours, using organic, natural ingredients including Lemon, Orange and antioxidant enhanced Acai + Blueberry, they promise to taste fantastic as well as being fantastic for your body.
It is also a great source of calcium, protein and fibre. Heaps of amino acids, beta-carocene, vitamin C, vitamin E, iron, zinc, potassium... the list goes on and on and on and on.
It can be consumed either as a shot on the go, warm and milky or poured over ice with a dash of vanilla. It's also excellent for baking and there is quite a following for matcha based recipes now!
You can read more about matcha green tea powder on our UniversiTEA pages.
Haven’t found the answer you were looking for?
Send us a line through our contact page or email us at and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.