Does green tea contain caffeine?

Does green tea contain caffeine?

As more and more people seek to detox or to search for a decaffeinated green tea, a very common question we get asked is 'does green tea contain caffeine ?' 


Firstly, what is caffeine?

Caffeine is found naturally in leaves and seeds such as tea and coffee. It acts as a stimulant in humans and is a natural pesticide in plants. That is probably why our good old tea plant loves it so much; it kills all those pesky bugs that are trying to eat its lush leaves! The source of caffeine, be it the coffee bean, tea plant, kola nut or yerba mate plant, is what is responsible for causing the different effects the caffeine has on your body.


Does green tea contain caffeine?


So, does green tea contain caffeine?

Yes, green tea contains caffeine (just like all other teas) as all tea starts its life as a leaf from the same plant: the Camellia Sinensis. The type of tea those leaves eventually end up as (Black, Green, White etc.) is influenced by which part of the plant they are picked from and what treatment that have been through once they are picked. This also influences the caffeine content. But does green tea have less caffeine though? The average 8 oz. cup contains around 25mg of caffeine. The amount of caffeine which actually ends up in your body is a wide varying scale with many influencing factors such as age of leaf, water temperature, steeping time and many others. The caffeine in green tea released slowly as well, producing a calming, conscious and focused energy. Our teas are blends, so naturally less caffeine in them than regular green, check out delicious blends such as Watermelon SplashMojiTEAGingersnap Green + loads more! Green and white tea is usually steeped in a lower temperature and for a shorter time which gives the caffeine less chance to dissolve into the water. This doesn't mean the original tea had less caffeine, just that less of it was released into the water.


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Are there any caffeine free teas?

If you want to avoid caffeine completely you want a fruit, herbal or rooibos tea, that are all naturally caffeine free (as they don't actually contain any tea leaves!) You might want to check out our caffeine free range which only contains blends with no caffeine in them. If you just wanted to watch your caffeine levels, perhaps wean yourself off coffee, you might want to try a tea blend. Because all of our teas are blends they have less caffeine in them than regular 'straight' tea. Mainly because all the other stuff in there like herbs and fruits are caffeine free (and yummy too!).


Here is the small selection of our wonderful green teas mentioned in our blog, but take a peek at our full selection of Green Teas and find your favourite.

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