A super refreshing blend of green tea, peppermint + lime


MojiTEA Tea

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MojiTEA Tea

Green Tea

MojiTEA Tea

A super refreshing blend of green tea, peppermint + lime


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lProduct Description

The Mojito, Cuban classic; the tipple of choice for Caribbean island folk, but we do it with tea instead - the top tipple of English island folk! Our MojiTEA is just as refreshing but without the rum or the calories! To be enjoyed in the sunshine whichever island you may be on!



Chinese green tea, peppermint, dried lime pieces, lemongrass, lime leaves.


Warning: Packed in an environment that contains nuts.



Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients.

pBrew the perfect cup

1 heaped teaspoon per cup - 80° water - 3 mins - no milk  



Top Tip: To get  80° water for green tea, add a 1/5th of cold water to your cup/pot first. See our 'How to make a perfect cup of loose tea' article for more information

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MojiTEA Tea

Product Reviews


Based on 29 reviews


Utterly refreshing!

I absolutely love this tea, I'm a big fan of Bluebird Green Teas as they taste wonderful, not bitter like some green teas I've tasted! The addition of mint & lime is so refreshing & full of flavour without being overwhelming, it's the perfect pick-me-up!


An alcohol-free mojito in tea form

I'm not a big drinker (like, at all) so to find a tea that tastes EXACTLY like a mojito without the sickly, super sweet aftertaste is a GODSEND. Make a huge jug of this for your next party and your guests won't even THINK about reaching for the alcohol!


Dreaming of the Sun

Currently supping away at a mini sample I had of this! Been sitting in the cupboard for a little well so thought I would finally give it a whirl!

Thought it was a herbal blend so whacked 100C water over it oppsie! Despite this I done seem to have ruined the green tea much, not bitterness to report! :)

Moderate minty aroma.

Flavour is lovely! Can image this so easily iced with a bit of tipple added in! Flavour is fairly citrusy and again moderately minty. Lovely!

For more on tea talk: www.TastetheTea.co.uk
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very refreshing

This tea has a lovely refreshing flavour; the combination of mint and lime really works. Good to drink at any time of the day however I particularly like it in a flask to drink while in stationary traffic on the way to work; soothes me beautifully.


Possibly the best mint tea ever!!!!!

Oh how I love this refreshing minty lime brew! I was scouring the web for a citrusy minty tea & came across Bluebird Tea co & I'm so glad I bought this tea to try, it's blooming lovely! I've tried others & they don't come close to this tea. Please please keep this on the menu


This tea is amazing and

This tea is amazing and one of my favourites. There is a strong peppermint flavour to this green tea. An extremely refreshing tea that has a nice citrus kick and is very palate cleansing.



Loving this Minty Zesty Tea. Tastes like the real cocktail and so refreshing


MojiTEA is, without doubt, the

MojiTEA is, without doubt, the best herbal tea that I have ever tasted; delicate juiciness from the lime, hint of floral from the lemongrass and the most refreshing, long-lasting overtone of peppermint. DELICIOUS!


I love MojiTea!It is so

I love MojiTea!It is so refreshing and zesty, cleverly blended with comforting mint. I discovered it from a sample sent by the lovely people at Bluebird and now it's my daily pick-me-up at work :)


damn thats good tea

damn thats good tea


I feel in love with

I feel in love with this tea the first time I tried it and now I can't get enough. Its refreshing mintiness is beautifully enhanced by the zestiness of the lime. I can't decide if it's better hot or cold - it's great either way!


Tasty Delicous

Such a great flavour, an can be used for multiple brews! Hech yes


Love this tea, it's sweet

Love this tea, it's sweet and flavoursome with the lime and mint blending really well together.


Magical MojiTea

I have been drinking various types of green teas for many years and was really taken aback by the incredible flavoursome MojiTEA. Its such a refreshing combination of subtle flavours especially its lime notes which are truly wonderful. My wife is not really a green tea drinker but is now a complete convert thanks to trying MojiTEA!


Refreshing Tea for the Summer

You will not be disappointed if you purchase the MojiTea - you must also try the recipe for the ice tea version to the Bluebird Tea website.


Mohjito in a cup

Mojitea is as refreshing as it's naughty counterpart. Delivers on taste and sophistication - a brew infused with the subtly of lime and tea aromas. Perfect for summer drinking.


Best In The World

Once you try it, every other kind of tea pales in comparison.


So yummy

As a lover of green tea with lemon and green tea with mint separately I decided to give mojitea a go. Who would have thought it would work so well together. The tea is so good I can no longer go back to the standard stuff



Love this tea, a great balance of flavours and so refreshing !


Love this tea

Always on the look out for different teas. The MojiTEA came as a sample with an order. One sip and I was hooked. Lovely and refreshing a great combination of green tea, peppermint and lime.

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