Join the hottest club in town! 3 new exciting Bluebird tea blends, delivered to your door each month, for just €15.75 (incl. postage)!


Tea Club Subscription

Tea Club Subscription

Join the hottest club in town! 3 new exciting Bluebird tea blends, delivered to your door each month, for just €15.75 (incl. postage)!


45 Reviews

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Hand blended in the UK, shipped to the world!

Same day postage when you order before 2:30pm

lProduct Description

As a VIP member of our tea Tasting Club, you will receive three new loose leaf tea blends every month, through the letterbox without having to lift a finger! Each loose leaf blend will come in a 20g pack, enough to make up to 10 cups of tea.


Each month we suit our teas to suit the season and to suit the fitting brewing style. Over the winter period, you will see some amazing Christmas blends and teas to give you that warm fuzzy feeling! Then as we get to the summer months expect to seee refreshing and light blends that are great for cold brewing! Not to forget the exclusive first access to new blends.


Our Tea Club members are also the first to receive our Limited Edition Collections... AND We will send you a Perfect Tea Spoon as a welcome gift!


Coming up in March's Tea Club:

- Easter Egg Nests

- Hot Cross Bun

- Peach Cobbler



Seen our 3, 6 and 12 month Tea Club Subscription packages? Just perfect for gifting!



Warning: All teas are packed in an envionment that contains nuts, whilst some teas do contain nuts. 

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Tea Club Subscription

Product Reviews


Based on 45 reviews


Amazing flavours

The teas were amazing and the presentation and attention to details is incredible. Nothing makes you feel more warm and cozy than a nice cup of tea and a handwritten thank you note.


Surprisingly good tea

This was my first ever tea subscription. I usually play safe (sticking to classic black teas and green teas) so am not adventurous with new flavours but thought it a good idea to try and broaden my horizons. When I received my first subscription, true to my fears/expectation, they were all teas I would otherwise have never bought for myself or tried. Even though i was very hesitant in trying after reading the unusual combinations of ingredients listed on the packaging, they were all actually very delicious teas. Some I liked more than others but all were a great experience.

The only think I wished was possible was to be able to give preferences on types of tea you like and dislike e.g. I generally dislike all herbal teas so that subsequent boxes can adapt to your preferences. Or feedback if you liked/disliked particular tea from the previous box so new boxes can again be more adapted to your taste.

But on the plus side, really appreciated the options e.g. caffeine free and food allergies related boxes that were available.
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Birthday subscription

I ordered this subscription as a gift for my husband as he loves tea. He (and I) are delighted. The quality and flavour of the tea is wonderful and it's exciting opening the box to see what has arrived. We have also ordered more tea from the website. Great service and fab product. Thank you.


the perfect gift (for yourself or someone else)

I love the tea subscription. It is the perfect way to get to sample the multitude of teas Bluebird offers. I'm debating getting a second subscription for my husband, as we are currently sharing mine.


Not bad

I did like the teas that you sent me in my first subscription but after a bout of flu I can no longer drink the Lazy Boy tea!


A good decision

We decided to try the club as we have had a couple of good blends before. Only had one month so far but they were all very good, looking forward to more! Nice mix of blends.


Fantastic selection of teas

Lots of very interesting tastes and blends and just the right about to last you the month!


My first Tea Club box

I recently received my first box and I was pleasantly surprised with this first selection.
I drink tea all day and really enjoy different flavors tea and look forward to my next tea box!


Perfect pouches!

I love my tea deliveries! It's lovely to have a mixed lot to try and enjoy every month. Highly recommend!


Excellent value for money

I received my first tea club subscription order last week and am very impressed. It is such good value for money and you get a free spoon in there as well! I had Lazy Boy, The Digestor and Blueberry Pancakes in my order and they are all delicious. My flatmates have been drinking them as well so we will probably be purchasing pots of these soon. Brilliant way to try out all the teas and see which ones you like. LOVE IT!...Read more


Perfect Christmas present

I got bought a subscription for Christmas and I love it. Dry(ish) January is much nicer with gingerbread chai and other warming tea blends to add some spice to the evening. Really looking forward to a year of trying different teas.


First of many

I've so far only recieved one subscription but I see it staying for the foreseeable. I have to admit the blueberry pancakes tea didn't really do it for me although that is exactly what it's smelled and tastes of. The others that were sent were a hit. Looking forward to my next batch.


Loveliest thing ever!

I like the subscription so much, every detail, the selection, the service - just everything is so lovely! Absolutely worth every penny!



So, first things first. I am so glad that I have found out about Bluebird Tea. It truly caters to the loose-leaf tea hipster that I have become in my mid(*cough*late) twenties. Before discovering them, I was obsessed with the idea of the likes of David’s Tea etc, but crushed due to the lack of availability in old Blighty. When I saw the advertisement on Facebook, I immediately became infatuated with the company. The clever names, the packaging, not to mention the actual tea selection…. Brilliant! So, I did what any sane person would do and not only made my first order, including the Tea Subscription, and took an hour and a half trip to the Tunbridge Wells store. Such a cute store, and the two girls who were working can only be described as freaking awesome, showing me everything I wanted to see, letting me try the unicorn fizz, and being so lovely and passionate throughout.

Anyway, then the tea package came, and I got my three sachets of tea, my perfect spoon, and the birthday cake tea I ordered separately. The three teas that I got were the Christmas Cake, the Mulled Wine, and the Gingerbread Chai. I love the selection and the opportunity to try teas that I would not normally pick out for myself. The Christmas Cake was the first one I tasted, and I adore it, which surprised me as I really really hate Christmas cake itself. The mulled wine, unfortunately, was not my favourite, but I’m glad to have tried it, and I gifted it to a friend who loves it. The last to try was the Gingerbread Chai, which is amazing and so good when you are feeling ill or tired…. or hungover. It’s spicy and warming and sweet and sooo good.

I cannot wait to get my next package, and try three new teas, I wonder what I will get. I can only think of one small change I would make to the tea subscription, and I was trying really hard to find faults! I would suggest that a preferences system be introduced, similar to what Graze have. But other than that, I really cannot think of anything I would change. It high quality tea, beautifully mixed and formulated, at a great price. Cannot wait to get my next tea fix!
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First tea subscription

I love unusual flavoured teas but most supermarket ones ends up being a disappointment as they don’t taste as good as they smell. I decided to try the Bluebird tea subscription and am really pleased with my first box. They arrived really quickly and contained 3 really festive teas to try - cinnamon chai, Christmas cake and mulled wine. I love chai tea so that has to be my favourite of the three but all three get top marks for being full of flavour. Love the bags and spoon that comes with it to make sure you get a perfect cup of tea every time. Really pleased with my subscription and will definitely be buying mor elf the cinnamon chai...Read more


Perfect present

What do you buy a tea lover...something they appreciate all year round? A monthly subscription...every time it’s delivered they remember how fab you are! The best bit is the personal notes included and suggestions for new flavours. I’m moving house so asked how I change my address for delivery, I received a hand written reply with my order and an email. I can’t wait to see my daughters face on Christmas morning...I will be the best mum all year round ...Read more



Absolutely love this subscription! Great tea and all with a little personal touch. I often post online about my favourites and get great recommendations from the team to get the most of each flavour. Have used them for both hot and cold brews. Always an absolute treat!


Exciting teas every month

I have had a subscription for 6 month now and honestly I am so excited to get it through my letter box each time. I like a little personalised note and packaging and have enjoyed most of teas i sampled. friends too like to choose wonderful mixes.

3 sachets do last me more than one month. November box therefore was presented as a wee tea and biscuit hamper for the raffle at work, as well as the August one (gin and tea birthday collection)

So 5* to Bluebird subscription - it's a great treat.
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Best subscription box I've ever tried!

I love the bluebird tea subscription box so much that the people in my office know when it's been delivered from the huge smile on my face!

Each month there is a theme but the tea's selected are usually a good range of sweet/savoury and black/green/fruit so there's bound to be something you love. It's made me try flavours I never would have picked - and subsequently found I loved! My husband was worried we'd end up with packets of tea everywhere but most of them are so delicious that they don't even last the month!

If you want to try something new but don't know where to start, I really recommend this!
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A cuppa magic indeed.

As my nickname suggests, I am very fond of my cuppas. So naturally I decided to try out an indie brand that I saw while scrolling through my Instagram. How surprised was I to find out that they are actually offering a monthly tea club subscription! I subscribed immediately and waited impatiently for a few days for my box to arrive. You get a bundle of three pouches of 20g teas + a lovely spoon that feels sturdy and proffessional - this way you can never measure your tea wrong! You also get a few tea bags - I'm thinking of ordering more because they are the most comfortable thing ever. I felt very welcomed indeed because I also received a small handwritten message. This is something worth giving your money for every month, because you can actually feel all the love poured into these products and this is something unique that you can not find easy nowadays....Read more

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