At the Bluebird UniversiTEA you can find resources to help and inspire from masterclasses in making the perfect cuppa for beginners, to teaching the advanced tea master new and innovative ways to drink tea. 


Navigate your way through the categories below, right. For beginners we suggest ‘Learn about tea’ and our handy beginner's guide, for the more advanced why not explore our innovative recipes or check out our lifestyle articles.

Allergens in our teas

Information regarding potential allergens in our tea blends

How Eco-friendly Is Bluebird?

The environment is super important to us! Find out what we're doing to ...

Dozy Girl Tea Shortbread

Learn how to make Dozy Girl Infused Shortbread Cookies with this cool ...

Peppermint Tea - Warrior Of Digestion Aid And Headaches

Learn about the benefits of peppermint tea!

Herbal Tea: What Is It And Why Drink It?

Find out what herbal tea is and why you should drink it!

Mermaid Matcha Vegan Cheesecake

Learn how to make a Mermaid Matcha No Bake Cheesecake that you can imp ...

Chamomile Tea For Sleep: Why It Works!

Find out why chamomile tea helps you get a better night's sleep!

Moondrop Dreams Tea Infused Candle

Find out how to turn our relaxing Moondrop Dreams tea into an awesome ...

Our Top 3 Peppermint Teas

Are you a fan of peppermint tea? Well, you're gunna love these pepperm ...

Red Velvet Tea Latte

Delve into the secrets to making our Red Velvet latte, with smooth fla ...

Our Top 5 Best Ginger Teas

Are you a ginger tea fan? Find out which of our ginger tea blends are ...

Tea benefits: Which Tea Is Healthiest?

What are the benefits of drinking tea? Which tea is the healthiest? Fi ...

Dreamtime Tea Infused Bath Melts

Learn how to make these relaxing bath melts that are infused with our ...

Our Top 3 Earl Grey Teas

Are you an earl grey drinker? We've picked our top 3 best earl grey bl ...

Dozy Girl Sleep Balm

Learn how to make this beautifully relaxing sleep balm that's infused ...

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