Smell like royalty with a world famous scent


Earl Grey Creme | Solid Perfume

Earl Grey Creme | Solid Perfume

Smell like royalty with a world famous scent

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lProduct Description

Be regal and pamper yourself silly with this sweet, luxurious scent. Vanilla and citrusy bergamot, brought together in a fragrance inspired by one of the most famous teas every brewed! 


A Bluebird Collaboration

We’ve teamed up with the amazing people at Flowery Whiff to make our teas wearable! We’ve selected a few of our favourite blends to be transformed into all natural solid perfumes so you can literally smell like a Bluebird Tea Co. blend…


Handcrafted and jam packed full of completely natural essential oils, balms and butters, these wearable scents are suitable for all skin types.


Apply a small amount on a fingertip and smell great for up to 6-8 hours (not that you don’t smell great already!).


Tip: you only need to use a smidgen each time so the pots can last you up to 6 months!