Join the hottest club in town! 3 new exciting Bluebird tea blends, delivered to your door each month!



Tea Club Subscription

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Tea Club Subscription

Join the hottest club in town! 3 new exciting Bluebird tea blends, delivered to your door each month!


Next month's box will be live from the 28th.

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lProduct Description

As a VIP member of our tea Tasting Club, you will receive three new loose leaf tea blends every month, through the letterbox without having to lift a finger! Each loose leaf blend will come in a 20g pack, enough to make up to 10 cups of tea.


Each month we suit our teas to suit the season and to suit the fitting brewing style. Over the winter period, you will see some amazing Christmas blends and teas to give you that warm fuzzy feeling! Then as we get to the summer months expect to seee refreshing and light blends that are great for cold brewing! Not to forget the exclusive first access to new blends.


Our Tea Club members are also the first to receive our Limited Edition Collections... AND We will send you a Perfect Tea Spoon as a welcome gift!



In this month's box:

 - Hibiscus + Mint Presse

- Eton Mess

- Deckchair Dreaming


Coming up in May Tea Club:

Coming soon




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Warning: All teas are packed in an envionment that contains nuts, whilst some teas do contain nuts. 

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Tea Club Subscription

Product Reviews


Based on 61 reviews


So glad I found this subscription!

I received my first box this week and have now tried all three teas. All are delicious, but I especially like "deckchair dreaming". So glad I found this subscription, I'll be looking forward to trying some new blends each month! :)


Great Way to Try New Teas!

The Bluebird Tea subscription is an affordable and fun way to try innovative tea blends. I started my subscription with the March box and immediately had to order the Easter teas as a result. I am excited about receiving new teas each month. Who doesn't love a surprise in their mailbox!?


A bird worth to catch!

Last week, I received my first parcel from my tea-subscription - and I am amazed, although the delievery took more time than expected (but I live in Germany, so it's totally fine)! The packaging was super cute (with a sweet bunny on to of the box because it was the easter edition) und I bet the handwritten little message was sweet, too. Sadly, I wasn't able to unriddle it ;)

Now for the teas: three types (Easter Eggs Nest, Hot Cross Bun, Peach Cobbler) came to me and I had to taste all of them in one day. They are all of good quality, the leaves are seeable, the odours of the teas are intensive and elegant. Especially the Peach Cobbler smells like a fresh, ripe, juicy peach - Yummy!

I really have to stop myself from drinking each type everyday - because three cups of black tea a day are way too much for me. :D

To make it short: the waiting was totally worth it, because I got three great blended teas of good quality! Go on like that, birdies!
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Perfect Tea Lady Treat

Proper excited to receive my little box of Easter treats. Really pleased there was a vegan version of Easter nest tea so no need to miss out on this yummy seasonal special. Not tried the hot x bun before as I am not a fan of rooibos but love this mix. The tea bags make it easier to take some to drink at work and let everyone have a sniff of my blends! Looking forward to having a regular treat.


Tea in the post - a dream come true

Everyone loves getting things in the post, and second to a Hogwarts letter (still waiting for that one), I think Bluebird Tea is just about the best thing you could get. Their teas are so lovely and very unique, and it's always a nice surprise discovering which ones you've been sent. This subscription is excellent value and receiving the parcel is something I always look forward to. Would highly recommend to all tea lovers....Read more


First box in the States.

Just received my first box and it's stunning. It's filled with extras, a recipe, info about other blends and a lovely handwritten note. I was googling to find smaller, independent teamakers I'm so glad I found this shop. I'm heating water right now for my first pot - can't wait!


Beautiful Teas

Just had my first box and I’m so impressed. It did take a while to reach me, but after some correspondence with Sam it arrived within 24 hours. The teas smell amazing, the choices are themed too Easter which I loved. The hot cross bun tea is good enough that I can avoid the carb filled real things! The Easter eggs nests are my favourite. The tea smells like chocolate and taste so sweet. Really recommend this company for great tea and outstanding friendly service. ...Read more


Great Idea

I love the tea club. I've only received one box so far but it had a lovely selection in it. I can't wait for the next one.


The perfect gift for yourself

I set up this subscription as a little pick me up and what a lovely treat it is!

What seems to be three limited edition teas came in a perfectly sized package to be pushed through the letterbox - quite extraordinary. No need for bothering neighbours or making note of a safe place for the postie.

At 20g each, having a cuppa a day might just last 30 days - until the next batch arrives.

I am considering setting up a caffeine free subscription next!
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A nice surprise!

Delighted to receive my first tea club subscription, beautifully packaged and really liked there was a card to give you ideas of how to have the teas in the box. The teas are so nice, love the rice pudding and jam! Can't wait for next month. Recommend to any tea lover. Such good value.


A great bargain!

The tea subscription was amazing- 3 different varieties of tea and the are all amazing. Great for if you aren't sure which to pick!! Would definitely reccomend.


Super fun

I’m a bit of a tea dork who gets excited by new or unusual tea flavours. When I found bluebird teas, I was so excited that not only could I buy sample packets to try lots of new flavours but I could get a tea subscription! I ordered it straight away! I like that you get three different blends of tea, in February I got black (love potion), green(cherry lips) and oolong (rice pudding and jam). I don’t usually drink much black tea, maybe one cup in the morning so it’s great to have the variety. It’s been so fun trying them all! I also was really impressed that you can change your subscription to suit dietary needs, such as vegan and gluten free. I now can’t wait for my March box to arrive!...Read more


Love this !

Only received one box yet and I loved everything about it!

The small tea bags, the complimentary measuring spoon and 3(!) different types of tea.

I would give it a 5 star rating, if you could choose one of the tea sorts you like the most in the tea form you fill out before ordering and getting 1 of the bags a bit more filled with that type of tea.

But you can't have it all, so 4 it is ;)
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Something to look forward to!

What a lovely idea to brighten up your month! I joined the tea club in February and wish I had joined sooner! A great way to try new teas! And try limited additions first! Can’t wait till my next pretty package through the mail!


So full of flavour!!

I ordered this on recommendation from a family member and it was a great decision! It may not look like a lot, but realistically you get a lot for your money! And the flavour variety I just love! Hope to order this again in the future


Tea club subscription

I received my first tea club subscription at the beginning of February and I'm loving it! The teas taste amazing and I love the seasonal aspect of the box as well as trying teas I would hesitate to buy myself.


Amazing flavours

The teas were amazing and the presentation and attention to details is incredible. Nothing makes you feel more warm and cozy than a nice cup of tea and a handwritten thank you note.


Surprisingly good tea

This was my first ever tea subscription. I usually play safe (sticking to classic black teas and green teas) so am not adventurous with new flavours but thought it a good idea to try and broaden my horizons. When I received my first subscription, true to my fears/expectation, they were all teas I would otherwise have never bought for myself or tried. Even though i was very hesitant in trying after reading the unusual combinations of ingredients listed on the packaging, they were all actually very delicious teas. Some I liked more than others but all were a great experience.

The only think I wished was possible was to be able to give preferences on types of tea you like and dislike e.g. I generally dislike all herbal teas so that subsequent boxes can adapt to your preferences. Or feedback if you liked/disliked particular tea from the previous box so new boxes can again be more adapted to your taste.

But on the plus side, really appreciated the options e.g. caffeine free and food allergies related boxes that were available.
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Birthday subscription

I ordered this subscription as a gift for my husband as he loves tea. He (and I) are delighted. The quality and flavour of the tea is wonderful and it's exciting opening the box to see what has arrived. We have also ordered more tea from the website. Great service and fab product. Thank you.


the perfect gift (for yourself or someone else)

I love the tea subscription. It is the perfect way to get to sample the multitude of teas Bluebird offers. I'm debating getting a second subscription for my husband, as we are currently sharing mine.

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