7 best teas for pregnancy (including Raspberry Leaf!)

7 best teas for pregnancy (including Raspberry Leaf!)

Our other herbal blends are all naturally caffeine free, as they are just made with flowers and herbs. Super good for you and the baby, as well as being packed with benefits.



1. Enchanted Narnia, a naturally caffeine free raspberry leaf tea


Enchanted Narnia is a herbal blend, with rose, cocoa shells, lemongrass and raspberry leaves- The perfect pregnancy tea. This blend can help with sleep troubles, with strong calming qualities, massive health benefits for your pregnancy and best of all, it tastes great!



2. Vicky's Sponge Cake, a black tea and raspberry leaf tea blend


Vicky's Sponge Cake is a Ceylon black tea with vanilla, raspberries, and the raspberry leaf. A great natural pick me up, packed with raspberry leaf to look after you.



3. Dozy Girl, an anxiety calmer & sleep aid


Dozy girl is one of our top 10 favourites, featuring lavender, chamomile and rose. These are all the king herbs of sleep and calm, perfect for nerves and stress you may encounter during your pregnancy.



4. Pandalicious Liquorice, cure morning sickness & general nausea


Pandalicious Liquorice is a blend of chamomile, peppermint, ginger and the liquorice root, a natural sweetener with a subtle taste. The liquorice root is a well-known herb for stopping nausea in its tracks, and removing any feelings of sluggishness. The ginger is also really good for softening nausea and cramping, and chamomile is a natural calmer. Peppermint will aid in digestion and stomach problems too.



5. Aniseed Balls, appetite simulator


Our award-winning blend of aniseed, chilli, star anise, liquorice and hibiscus. When you feel unwell, after a bout of nausea or just generally can't get an appetite, aniseed is the perfect stimulator. Causing a process in the salivary glands which in turn creates feelings of hunger.



6. Mango Tulsi, for joint pain, relaxation and clear skin


Mango Tulsi is a blend of Holy Basil (Tulsi), pineapple, corinths, papaya, lemon balm, sunflower petals and hibiscus. Tulsi is a sacred Indian herb, deeply worshipped and used for meditation, religious festivals and also for soothing joint pain. It's also widely known for making the hair luscious, and the skin glow.



7. Rooibos tea, for your caffeine-free kick


All of our Rooibos blends are naturally caffeine free and are a great replacement for coffee if you are aiming to cut the caffeine during pregnancy. You can drink them with milk like a ‘normal’ cuppa if you want and rooibos has tonnes of antioxidants too, to keep you topped up.

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