Three matcha pots, including our amazing Super Matcha, and the tools to make it!


Ultimate Matcha Gift Set

Ultimate Matcha Gift Set

Three matcha pots, including our amazing Super Matcha, and the tools to make it!



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The ultimate matcha lovers gift set including three pots of our amazing white Kenyan matcha pots in three delicious flavours: regular matcha for mixing up in recipes, lemon for enjoying hot and our incredible Super Matcha with superfoods acai and blueberry. 

A traditional bamboo Matcha Whisk and Perfect Matcha Spoon will ensure that you make the perfect cup every time! 


Our ultimate kit includes:


Lemon Matcha

Super Matcha

Perfect Matcha Spoon

Bamboo Matcha Whisk


We are also the first UK tea company to have developed our own natural flavours of matcha green tea powder, including our amazing caffeine free matcha – Rooibos matchaas well as lemonorange and acai blueberry varieties.


Learn more about matcha powder on our UniversiTEA, we have a matcha tea section dedicated to teaching you everything you need to know about matcha.



Mixology MatchaGround green tea, ground white tea.


The white tea in this blend is grown in Kenya and has 3 times the normal antioxidant levels of Japanese matcha. You still get the traditional Japanese ocean taste and grass green colour, but the antioxidant levels are significantly boosted.


Lemon MatchaMixology matcha with lemon peel, lemon essential oil. 


Super MatchaMixology Matcha with acai powder and blueberry oil.


Warning: May contain traces of nuts

pBrew the perfect cup

Mix up your matcha as a hot cup with honey or iced and milky, shot it, bake with it, put it in your yoghurt... for matcha recipe ideas see our tea recipe page.


Become a guru in making the perfect matcha, head over to our 'How to make Matcha in 5 easy steps'

How to make matcha green tea powder | Bluebird Tea Co.


Ultimate Matcha Gift Set

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Loving this tea! Only Bluebird

Loving this tea! Only Bluebird tea from now on!


Invigorating exciting & healthy! Well

Invigorating exciting & healthy! Well worth a try


scent-sational :)

i love how this kit came with the bamboo whisk. when i opened my package, it smelled heavenly thanks to this lovely set of matcha.