After Caffeine free teas? Try our 5 favourite naturally decaffeinated teas!


'Caffeine Free Tea' 5 Experience Pack

'Caffeine Free Tea' 5 Experience Pack

After Caffeine free teas? Try our 5 favourite naturally decaffeinated teas!


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Love the sound of Bluebird's caffeine free range but can't decide which blends to go for? We've done the hard work for you and picked the top 5 caffeine free to help you get going.


The caffeine free pack consists of 5 x 20g samples of tea (up to 10 cups of tea per 20g). 


This pack includes: 

Dozy Girl - A soothing, sleepytime blend of chamomile, lavender + rose

Retro Ted - Hawaiian fruit blend - coconut, pineapple, lemongrass + rose

Rhubarb + Custard - Tangy rhubarb + creamy custard guilt free sweet treat

Honey Bee Beautiful - Exfoliating skin elixir tea with delicious notes of honey

Strawberry Lemonade - Bluebird's best selling fantastically fruity infusion with whole strawberry chunks!





Warning: May contain traces of nuts


Please check out our allergens page for any queries you may have regarding ingredients.


'Caffeine Free Tea' 5 Experience Pack

Product Reviews


Based on 5 reviews


I ordered the caffeine free

I ordered the caffeine free experience pack so I could try a variety of flavours. There is a good mix of fruity / herbal teas, love them all. The quality of the tea is fantastic, try making it in a clear glass & see how clear the tea looks. Will definitely buy again.


LOVED my experience shopping with

LOVED my experience shopping with Bluebird Tea Co - the caffiene free pack is perfect and gives me a great selection to offer guests. The Rhubarb and Custard is a favourite. I'll be blogging about Bluebird soon to spread the word. Thanks!


Excellent Selection Of Teas

The ideal caffeine free product and a good way to test the flavours. Caffeine free does not mean lack of flavour as these teas pack a real punch. The Strawberry Lemonade was is especially delicious.


Caffeine Free 5 Experience Pack

Great tasting and well blended. Well end up buying larger quantities of these flavours. Highly recommend the service.


I don't even like tea... usually!

Yep, that's right: British person, hates tea. But in a desperate bid to embrace my tea-loving heritage I'm using Bluebird as "gateway" teas to get me into the stuff and keep me warm in winter.

The verdict? They're delicious! And half the fun is the amazing smell you get when you open up the bag and brew them. I'm particularly fond of the Rhubard and Custard flavour. Nom nom.

These sample packs come in generous sizes so I thought it would take me a while to get through them all, given how it's summer and warm and all... but I'm thinking some of those cocktail recipes look pretty good.

Thanks Bluebird!
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