How To Make Iced Tea

How To Make Iced Tea

The sun has been shining (yay!) and what better place to be than in beautiful Brighton!  With Summer just around the corner, Bluebird HQ have been getting rather excited about drinking more of our healthy and refreshing iced teas! Great news guys! Making iced tea at home couldn’t be easier with our simple tips. Here’s how…

First thing’s first...Choose your tea. 


All of our teas at Bluebird can be made into iced tea so if you already have your fave, just follow the simple steps below. Not sure what vibe to go for? Then check out our recommended cold brew teas and grab some to experiment with until you find your personal favourite. 


Add one heaped teaspoon of loose leaf tea to every 200ml of water (about half a glass) and steep as per brewing instructions*. In our stores, and at home, we use an IngenuiTEA brewer - the best, no fuss teapot. You can't get a better loose leaf brewer - in our humble opinion! Once ready pour over a glass loaded with ice.  Some ice will melt balancing the tea to the perfect strength.


*We recommend using a full bodied black tea for classic iced tea, brew for 5-6mins in 100 degree water. If using herbal or fruit teas brew for longer. If using green or white teas brew for 3 minutes max and use only 80 degree water. 

Iced tea


Steep your tea as above, then pop it in the fridge to cool for a few hours. If it’s a herbal or fruit tea you can even leave the leaves in until ready to serve. Simple! 


Use our super stylish and innovative Cold Brew Tea Bottle, with a built in infuser. A very fun way to make your iced tea! See our blog post on how to use it here. 



Summer Iced Tea Specials: Pineapple Mint + Simply The Zest, they make the perfect iced tea and are causing a storm at our Brighton store. Add some sparkling water and fresh fruits to a pitcher of iced tea to make it even more refreshing and perfect party drinks.


Mix it up: Be a true Tea Mixologist and mix up delicious tea cocktails from your iced teas! One of our favourite (and super speedy) cocktails to make is our classic Strawberry Lemonade tea with a dash of vodka.  Or if you’re a fan of rum our cheeky iced MojiTEA cocktail is a must! Take a look at our recipe for MojiTEA tea cocktail.

Keep checking our recipe page for more ideas, we update it all the time. Share your iced tea brews on our social media pages and potentially get a feature on our instashop  - we’d love to see your creations!



Everything you need for cold brewing:

Our IngenuiTEA tea brewers are perfect for making iced teas without any mess or if you want to leave your tea overnight to steep you can experiment with a Cold Brew Bottle. 

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